A luxury lifestyle brand that creates contemporary, sustainable and effortlessly comfortable loungewear for hotels and resorts. Guests are invited to cast off their travelling attire and the tensions of their journey as they check-in, to relax by melting into their beautifully designed Spa2Bar loungewear.

Spa2Bar has created a collection of stylish loungewear, designed for hoteliers who wish to encourage guests to kick back and relax in their suites. Equally the designs are playful and contemporary and will allow the guest to confidently go from the Spa to the Bar... 


"I always want to slip into something super comfortable as soon as I arrive at my destination."


"The Spa2Bar designs will allow guests to enjoy time in their hotel room or suite and all areas of a hotel and resort, from breakfast dining, to the spa and on to the cocktail bar."

Melanie Davis, Founder


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Sales Contact: Louise Wright


Media Contact: The Dovetail Agency



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